Mobile Journalism Updates

This semester in Intro to Mobile Journalism, I have learned and practiced how to be a mobile journalist. By mobile journalist, I mean I am learning how become a person who can go out into the world and obtain enough verbal and visual information to compose a compelling news story using mobile technology alone.

My First Video Assignment

The first assignment we were given in this class was a simple one — go outside and capture nature on camera. Our only parameters were that the video had to be at least 30 seconds long, contain clips that lasted no longer than about 3 seconds, and all footage had to be shot using a cell phone camera.

I used my HTC One to shoot this video and those that would follow. This phone has a 13-megapixel camera and HD capabilities.

I shot my footage at Tiger Town Field in Elba, AL. I wanted to capture the essence of the football field and the spirit of the many games that have been played there. The field was once used by the Elba Tigers, but after the flood in 1990, the high school that once accompanied the field was torn down and rebuilt elsewhere.

Though it was far from perfect, I am proud of my 30-second assignment. Check it out for yourself.

Video Assignment #2

Though I dabbled a bit in this concept with my first assignment, the second assignment for this class required us to pick a subject and attempt to tell a visual story about that subject. Our instructor, Robbyn Taylor, gave us minimal requirements, deliberately giving us the freedom to be creative.

The most crucial stipulation was that we had to make an appearance in the video, whether it be with a voice track or a quick standup. I chose to include a standup. I used my selfie stick to try to keep the video more steady; I’m still not sure if that was successful.

Being honest, I was still not very confident in my abilities to gather good video and tell a story that made sense. Even with that disclaimer, my attempt to capture students enjoying the slight change in weather was not a complete failure. Take a look!

Third* Time’s A Charm

The third video assignment was meant to be a showcase of all the skills and techniques we obtained so far throughout the semester. We were not required to include a voice track or standup, but we were required to pick a subject and tell a story.

The video had to be at least 30-seconds and be shot, edited, and posted inside of an hour. This was not as difficult as it seemed like it would be.

On the way inside Wallace Hall that day, I noticed the pears that had fallen from the trees and were lying on the ground rotting. I thought to myself, “What a foul smelling waste of fruit.”

So when we were given this assignment, I knew exactly the story I wanted to tell. Here it is…

*Our third video assignment was the fourth assignment in the class, thus the mismatched names between here and Youtube.

Reporting Live From… Facebook

Our most recent assignment required us to use Facebook as a medium for mobile journalism.

In 2014, Pew Research Center found that Facebook reaches more Americans than any other social media site and that more than half of Facebook users get heir news from Facebook.

Truth be told, I take time out to peruse Facebook almost every day. Even if I only do two or three thumb scrolls, I still have to check in at least once a day to feel like I know what is going on with the world.

Though I had never thought of it as such, this is the exact reason why Facebook is such an effective platform to use in terms of reaching mass audiences, whether they be local, national, or international.

It only makes sense for Robbyn to assign us the task of creating a live feed on Facebook. We were required to find an article published in the Tripolitan, Troy University’s student news publication, and summarize the article while live on Facebook.

I chose an article about 2 former Troy students who had been convicted of sexual battery following an incident that occurred in 2015 at Panama City Beach, Florida during spring break season.

The article ran on the front page of the Trop on September 23, 2015, but in case you missed it, here is the link.

And here is my live feed! Which, of course, is no longer live 🙂

PS: If the video won’t play, just click here to view my post on Facebook.

Troy University Career Fair

Over 50 employers were present today at the career fair held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in Sartain Hall.

Each organization had their own table and plenty of information they were ready and willing to divulge to the Troy students in attendance, all hoping to become new hires in the future.

Our class assignment for today was to attend and to do a live Facebook broadcast from the career fair.

The assignment was simple enough, but navigating the career fair proved to be a bit more of a challenge to me. This was my first time attending a career fair, and I found myself a bit unsure of what to expect.

I did end up making a few new connections and putting faces with ones I had only met through email or phone conversations. Tune into my live feed below for a closer look at what to expect when attending a career fair!

*PS : If the video below does not play, click here to view my live feed on Facebook.