Go Visit THE CURL CLUB: An Extension of The Sagacious Natural

Let’s talk about THE CURL CLUB!

THE CURL CLUB is a brand new website that I designed as an extension of The Sagacious Natural. Before anyone starts wondering, yes, the website was created for a class assignment, but that makes it no less mine and makes me no less proud of it. I think the natural hair community will really enjoy my new site!

Click here to check it out for yourself!

The website just went live last night, so it is fresh off the press! Similar to The Sagacious Natural, THE CURL CLUB was an outlet for ladies who are transitioning to natural hair and just need a few general pointers. Much of the information listed on the site are things that I learned over time as I grew into my natural curls.

THE CURL CLUB is a condensed, more organized version of The Sagacious Natural. For example, many of the hair care supplies I’ve mentioned here are in a nice neat list under Favorite Products. Many of the hair care techniques I have mentioned on The Sagacious Natural are shortened and include photos on THE CURL CLUB website.

I also provide photos of products and links that allow visitors to the site to purchase products I’ve mentioned on The Sagacious Natural, such as ORS Olive Oil Edge Control and the Michel Mercier Detangling Brush (which I love if you can’t tell). I figured that would make it easier for readers to see a visual representation of whichever product I’m discussing at the time.

THE CURL CLUB has a photo gallery of quick and easy hair styles. There is a short survey on the site that asks about your hair product purchasing habits… Please take the time to answer (truthfully!). There is also a link to the podcast I made of the 3-product review I posted last week on The Sagacious Natural! So go on over to THE CURL CLUB and tell me what you think about it! The journey was long and hard, but I am so proud of the work I’ve done!

Keep those curls healthy ladies!

– Chelsea AKA The Sagacious Natural 


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