Hair Emergency? No One Has To Know!

You wake up one morning and realize that you are about 15 minutes from being late to an appointment! You throw together a decent outfit. You find matching shoes. You find matching earrings. You run to the bathroom to address your “bed hair,” and then it hits you…. You do not have time!

If you’ve ever found yourself in a similar situation, then you need an emergency hair kit! One thing I’ve learned on my journey to becoming The Sagacious Natural is that you MUST keep certain items handy in case of an emergency.

I’m going to list three hair essentials that may come to your rescue one day. This list is not definitive, so feel free to add and subtract what you like!

  1. Hair ties! For my naturals with curls long enough to be pulled back, you should always keep a stash of hair ties on hand. I have them at home, in my car, in my purse, and even in my backpack that I take to class! You never know when you might need them. 6D Hair Ties offers a great selection of cute hair ties that you can keep handy.
  2. Headbands! For my naturals with curls that aren’t long enough to be pulled back, I suggest you keep some of these with you! For those with longer curls, it may be wise for you to have a couple, too! When all else fails, natural curls can always be spruced up with a headband. I like to get the flexible ones that are like giant hair ties, because they are easy to shove into glove compartments and purses without destroying them! ULTA Beauty has all kinds of headbands, so check them out, too!
  3. Scarves! Even if you don’t like to wear scarves around your neck, keep a few handy to wear around your head! Of course, I’m not talking about wool scarves (though I have seen it done), but scarves made from cotton or a silky material. This video demonstrates 15 ways to wear a scarf on your head. I see all 15 as potential life savers!

Go ahead and stock up! You’ll want to have these items before your next hair emergency! Most people don’t realize they’re windshield wipers are useless until it rains… Save yourself the trouble, and get new wipers while its still sunny 🙂

SIDE BAR: I know I said last week that I would be posting about my flexi rod set this week, but I must confess… I have yet to try it! But don’t give up on me yet! I promise it will be up by next week.

Anyway, I hope this helps you through your next hair crisis! Thanks for reading!


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