My Next Hair Project…. Stay Tuned!

In the days leading up to my birthday, one thing that I’ve been more concerned with than usual is my tresses! I’ve said it a million times before: hair for me is usually an after thought. But with my birthday closing in on me, I’ve found myself spending much more time in hair supply stores than normal.

I’ve spent so much time stressing about my tresses, that my birthday is now here, and I am still rocking my classic BUN! This is a no go! My hair must be addressed today.

So, now I’m going to share with you what I plan to do with my hair later tonight. If my readers have any suggestions, feel free to leave them…. I’m kind of winging it here!

I plan to do a flexi rod set on my hair for my birthday. If you don’t know what that is, check out this other hair blog for more information on exactly how its done. When I finish, I will definitely be posting a step by step tutorial on how I did my set, pictures included.

Until then, here is a list of the products I will use to do my flexi rod set…

  1. My DNA Hair Butter
  2. My DNA Hair Custard
  3. My DNA Leave-In Conditioner and Detangler

cremesleave in

All three of these products can be purchased at Sally Beauty Supply. Of course, you can use whatever products you like best. I have found that MY DNA products typically leave my hair soft and moisturized, so I gravitate toward that brand.

SIDE BAR: I don’t typically mix brands when it comes to hair products. I’ve found that most hair care lines create products that work well together. Mixing products from different brands can possibly leave residue and buildup in your hair due to ingredients that just don’t mix well. A good rule of thumb is to mix a little in your palm first before layering products from different brands, but that’s another post!


Back to the subject at hand…. I also bought my flexi rods from Sally, but they can be found much cheaper at your local beauty supply store (or wig shop!). I got a medium size because my hair is pretty long, but you can get whatever size you prefer!


Check here next week for the results!


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